Are you good at selling things?

Want a Side Hustle in the Cannabis space and make the world a better place at the same time?

Then working with Dial My High is a good fit for you.

Dial My High is a web app that uses three simple questions to match up a user with the right strain of Cannabis for their pain.

It's simple and straight-forward to use, not to mention cutting-edge and delivers a ton of value to the User.

In fact, Dial My High can match up the combinations of hundreds of pain-related symptoms (including Mental & Emotional challenges) with over 288 unique strains.

The app is so simple that you can intuitively figure it out in under 5 minutes. I'm not kidding.

If you haven't used the Dial My High app yet, please stop reading this article and go here to check it out for yourself:

Dial My High

As you'll quickly see, it's easy to use and provides massive value to the user within minutes of the first use.

Great. Now that I've got your attention, let's talk about who your customers are and the value you can provide to them.

Your customers are local Cannabis Dispensaries. Yep, those “mom and pop” businesses that are popping up on every block.

So, what are you selling?

If you work in the Marijuana space you already know that Cannabis advertising is often expensive and frustrating, if you can even find it in the first place. One consistent complaint I've heard from Dispensary owners is that they can only buy so much ad space in the local art magazines and that there is a big, corporate company named L*****y that charges a bunch of money and doesn't deliver.

This is where Dial My High is different. We offer legal advertising without being obvious. We also do it in a way that helps their most precious asset: The Dispensary Customers.

These subscriptions allow Dispensaries to be able to advertise on the Dial My High App. The way they advertise is by showing up in recommendations and directions that you saw at the end of the app experience.

But that's just one benefit: Advertising WITHOUT looking like an ad.

Also, Dispensaries that are part of the Dial My High family get a logo to appear next to their name, as opposed to an unpaid dispensary that just gets text.

Dispensaries really have three advantages they get from joining our family: First off, they get placed in front of more results, meaning that for their area their business is chosen more frequently.More eyeballs means more action. This ultimately means more sales.

Second, they get access to all of the data for Customers that have been sent to their dispensary. For example the Dial settings the customer chose in order to get the results they got. This is valuable for advertising and inventory purposes because it allows Dispensaries to know their customer better.

Third, Dispensaries get to add their own Custom Strain to their profile as well as colorful graphic logos that show up when a Customer receives that Dispensary as a choice. This customizes the experience for the Customer, giving them information and advice they can't get anywhere else.

Here's how it works:

We've got three plans for Subscriptions: 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months. The direct payments (in the form of Commissions) to a Sales Team member depend on the amount sold.

When you sign-up as a Sales Team Member you will be sent a unique URL that you can use to take a Laptop, Tablet or even a Mobile Phone to sign-up a Dispensary.

But here's the best part.

The longer of commitment you sell to Dispensaries, the more commission that you make.

For a 3 month subscription you get $187.50

For a 6 month subscription you get $495.00

For a 12 month subscription you get $1500.00

We offer a 14 day trial period for each dispensary, so that they can try it without any risk to them.

Once that 14 day period has completed and the invoice has been paid we send your payment to you over PayPal that day.

That's about it. We look forward to working with smart, motivated folks like yourself.

Ready To Sign Up?

Great! We're ready for you.

Send your full name, email, city, state and zip to, along with a quick note of why you think you'd be a good fit.

Still aren't quite sure that Dial My High is a good fit for you?

Read the “Top Ten Reasons to Join Dial My High as a Dispensary Owner” below. These are a series of items that you can borrow from to riff on, if you need them. In fact, these were the these are the exact same things I talked about when I brought the first Dispensaries on board.

Top Ten Reasons to Join Dial My High as a Dispensary Owner, Manager or Team Mate

1. Dial My High is the only Cannabis/Marijuana Web App that is Interactive

We are first to market with something that is not only entertaining, but informative at the same time. This is important because it allows a User to hone in on exactly the type of pain-relief they need, all done with info-tainment. The users gets an education throughout the entire experience and we get a chance to put your Dispensary in front of them.

2. Get Your Real-Estate Now

This is the first major release of Dial My High and we're not going away anytime soon. Now is the time to secure your place with a rapidly growing family of like-minded folks who provide users with natural pain-relief options. It's possible that the cost of being part of our family may go up, as it does with demand so now is the time to get a years subscription.

3. Creating Custom Strains

Dial My High can customize Strain names and Features for unique brands and Cannabis refinements that only your Dispensary carries. This allows you to fill a unique niche in the pain-relief department that has potential to put you as first-in-mind for your customers.

4. Know Your Customer

When you join the Dial My High family the app tracks the choices and data of the users that choose your dispensary. Of the customers who are sent directions to your dispensary, you will gain insight into their behavior(s) and action(s). These graphs are available in your Administration area and can be accessed anytime. This is important because it will allow us to find and showcase your dispensary to the right customers to maximize their response.

5. Gain Trust With Friends

Dial My High protects its brand and prides itself on offering medically sound solutions to customers who need pain relief. By coming on to the Dial My High family, you become a part of a tight-knit group. Sure, we are only one of many parts in the chain: Supply, demand, and boots-on-the-ground customers, but we encapsulate the process with a customer-first mindset that is going to set standards into the future.

6. Dial My High is Unique & Free For The Customer

There is nothing available like DMH and just like number 1 states, Info-tainment is not only what customers are used to but what they expect. Our product is free for them to use and can deliver massive value to them (they get the strain of cannabis they need) and to your dispensary (you get a unique way to get customers).

7. Advertising Without Advertising

Being part of Dial My High isn't conventional in that you are adding value to a Customer by connecting up a source to relieve their pain. This puts you first in their mind. This isn't a one-time, back of the magazine glossy picture. This is practical information packaged in a way that is useful and helpful at the same time. It's almost advertising without advertising. And you don't need to “beat around the bush” with our customers. They know what they want, which is why they are using our Web App in the first place.

8. Thinking Upstream

Federal legalization is going to happen and getting in front of a solid market with consumers is going to pay off down the road. And the reality is that we're growing together. The more dispensaries we have signed-up, the more users can interact with them. In turn, the more users we have means more customers for your dispensary.

9. We Are The Future: Customer Profiles

Another milestone that is in the works is Consumer Profiles, allowing customers to save Dial settings (Strains), favorite dispensaries and delivery service. With Consumer Profiles favoriting a Dispensary and a Strain will literally be one-click. This put the power to choose in the hands of the consumer, and the first dispensary they see will be yours.

10. Written In "The Now"

Dial My High is written in a modern language (React), a fast and stable code. Dial My High is kept in the Cloud, so it's not only safe, but secure and reliable at the same time. This is important because you know that the Dial My High site is both stable and strong.

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